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Why Fight Your Traffic Ticket?

Your Legal Rights in a Traffic Case

When you get a traffic citation, or are charged with a serious traffic violation, you may be confused and not know what to you. This post will give you a summary of your legal rights, the consequences of traffic charges, and why it is best to hire to represent you on your case.
  • Paying a traffic ticket is the same as pleading guilty to the offence. This means you AUTOMATICALLY lose! This will result in point accumulation, insurance hikes, and possible license suspension if you accumulate 4 points. We can handle ALL California Traffic Tickets and try to dismiss or reduce it to a non- moving violation and lower the fine amount. At worst, we can request for traffic school if in the last 18 months you haven’t take one.
  • Insurance Premiums skyrocket if you just pay your traffic tickets. We have seen insurance rates double or triple for some clients who just paid their traffic tickets and this is for 3 years. Even a small speeding ticket in California can raise your car insurance rates and the insurance companies will see the points on your driver’s license when it comes time for renewal by checking your driving record.
  • Points automatically appear on your driver’s license if you pay your traffic tickets the DMV can suspend your license if you accumulate just 4 points! Points stay on your record and DO NOT go away every year. The DMV can see points on your license from 3 years ago as well as any points you have in any of the other states in the entire US.
  • You save yourself time and avoid the hassle with the court. The date on the bottom of the ticket is just an arraignment date so if you want to contest your ticket you have to appear twice meaning two full days off of work or school for something that has no guarantee. If your ticket is far away from where you live it can cause a huge hassle and a lot of stress if you hire there is no need to drive anywhere causing no hassle or stress.
  • can fight and win your traffic tickets with excellent results, 80%+ success rate for all of our customers tickets/citations . Successfully winning a ticket is either a dismissal, reduced to non-moving violation and or lowering your violation ticket amount. We serve all 58 counties in California and offer multiple court appearances to get you the best results. You save time by not having to come to court, will handle everything and there will be no need for you to take a day off work or waste your time in court. We make it as simple and easy as possible for our clients saving you time & money.
  • More importantly, you don’t pay upfront fee. If you don’t win we don’t win.

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